Mary Ross

Mary Ross


I have lived on the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin for over 35 years.  The power of the Lake fills me with its waves, wind and miles and miles of beaches!

Being a "maker" has been a way of life for me since I was young.  In the late 70's I began spinning, dyeing, knitting and felting wool that was raised on the farm where I grew up in southern Minnesota.  From there I began making baskets with pine needles, gourds and 'weeny wood' (alder).  Beach finds of driftwood made their way into my basketry and then driftwood mirrors followed.

Eight years ago I decided I needed to learn how to drill holes in stones as I had jars and jars of favorites that I picked up along the shores.  I taught myself about jewelry making, and have been focusing on Lake Superior Stone Jewelry since then.

Most of the stones I work with are Basalt, which cover 90% of the Lake Superior Basin and are over a million years old.  Basalt is known for providing strength and enhancing creativity.....must be why it is my favorite stone!  These dark stones with a lovely, smooth surface are a delight to work with, and look lovely with sterling silver.

I also create jewelry out of the beach glass I find.  I try to travel to an ocean every year, and my beach glass is a combination of glass from Lake Superior and other shores.  The stones I use are from Lake Superior.

My newest endeavor is working with the flotsam and jetsum I find.  There are twelve Beach Artifact Compositions in this collection.  Personally gathered, composed and photographed by me.

I hope you find pieces that you like, and especially learn to "see" ordinary objects in a new way. 

Creating Uncommon Jewelry from Common stones is my gift to you.